Michele Bachmann says gays are the real bullies


Michele Bachmann has discovered who the real bullies of our society are, and they are the gays.

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Never mind that they have been systematically marginalized, that they face hate crimes simply for being themselves, that they couldn't even get married in Minnesota until recently.

No, the rich, white, straight underclass of our society is being intimidated by gay people.

"The gay community, they have so bullied the American people, and they've so intimidated politicians," Bachmann told radio host Lars Larson during a recent CPAC debate.

Bachmann was referring to the failed attempt by Arizona to allow business owners to discriminate against gay people by refusing to serve them. Basically, if you are a business that owns a water fountain, you are not allowed to hang a "Straights Only" sign on it.

Bachmann was offended that "the gay community decided to make this their measure" -- that is, they decided to advocate against the law that would deprive them of their civil rights. This, to Bachmann, is bullying.

This isn't the first time Bachmann has employed her patented reverse logic to argue that the discriminatory bill is actually a civil rights measure for religious people. She also called for "tolerance" of both sides of the debate.

"This isn't one side or another," Bachmann said. "What we're talking is tolerance on both sides and it is not tolerant to force people to violate their religious beliefs."

Yes, just like we should have been "tolerant" of both sides of the slavery debate. Bachmann is calling for us to be tolerant of her and her ilk's right to hate and oppress, which is the exact opposite of any conventional definition of tolerance.

This is the same woman who once hid in the bushes to spy on a gay rights rally. She is the same woman who resisted calls for action to combat gay bullying and suicide in her home school district, Anoka-Hennepin.

Don't worry, Michele. It gets better.

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