Michele Bachmann says federal law doesn't apply to pet bridge project

Rep. Michele Bachmann insists America is headed for socialism and bankruptcy because "porking" has gotten way out of control--unless, of course, you're talking about her pet bridge project to Wisconsin.

She's about to submit a bill that does an end run around federal law to secure $700 million for the St. Croix River Crossing Project near Stillwater.

The massive bridge that was originally planned by the the Minnesota Department of Transportation was shelved last year after the National Park Service ruled the proposed behemoth structure did not comply with the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Last year she tried and failed to get the St. Croix cut from the act to make way for her bridge. But Bachmann, now part of the Republican majority in the U.S. House, figures the law doesn't apply to her bridge anyway. She's just going to cherry pick her facts: a previous Park Service decision supporting the bridge.

Michele Bachmann says federal law doesn't apply to pet bridge project

She also likes to cherry pick her outlook on the Obama administration's federal stimulus package, which she prefers to label "failed" unless she's pestering the U.S. Transportation Secretary for a stimulus earmark to help finance the bridge.

Few doubt that a new bridge is needed; conservationists would prefer something a little more modest in size and scope. But don't call this bringing home the pork, or an earmark. Bachmann only spends taxpayer dollars on desperately needed infrastructure projects.

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