Michele Bachmann says even $5.4 million isn't enough

Michele Bachmann may not have, as Tarryl Clark put it, done @#%! for the 6th congressional district.

But the incumbent Republican is now wallowing in so much money that it probably doesn't matter what Clark has to say.

How can you campaign against a woman who hauls in $5.4 million in just three months, for a total of $10 million? "Juggernaut" doesn't even begin to describe the truckload of cash involved here. Bachmann didn't raise $5.4 million in her entire 2008 re-election campaign.

Complain all you want that the cash is coming from places other than Stillwater and Anoka all you want. No one will hear you. The ad war that Bachmann's campaign can now mount in the final weeks before Election Day will drown out any interference.

And even this record-busting haul of cash isn't enough for Bachmann. She's out today with another plea for cash because big, bad House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to wipe her out:

With just 21 days remaining before Election Day, Nancy Pelosi has stepped up her efforts to defeat me. Next week, she will join Barack Obama for a high-dollar fundraising event in Minneapolis benefitting Democrat candidates, including my opponent.

On top of the campaign cash my opponent will receive from this event, she has launched a $200,000 fundraising drive to defeat me. If my campaign is not able match this number by Wednesday at midnight, we risk ceding ground that could have devastating consequences on Election Day.

I need your help to show my opponent that we can not only match, but exceed her fundraising totals. I've launched a fundraising drive to raise $200,000 in 72 hours and with less than 48 hours to go, we need to raise an additional $123,932. So I ask that you follow this link to give any amount you can to help me reach this goal.

Wednesday marks our final FEC fundraising deadline before Election Day. Nancy Pelosi, my opponent and the other liberals working to defeat me will look to the numbers we report as a sign of my campaign's strength. So can I count on you to show the liberal left they are destroying our country with their extreme policies?

If you are frustrated or angry with the direction Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and the other liberals are taking our country, then I ask you to make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help us meet our fundraising goal.

I have had a target on my back from the onset of this campaign because I have dared to speak out against the ballooning deficit, tax hikes, government expansion, and Obamacare.

And while the latest polls show I am leading my opponent, I refuse to take anything for granted and risk defeat. My current opponent has raised significantly more money than my opponent spent in 2008. And I won my 2008 election by only 3%. If my opponent is able to raise last minute funds to launch more attack ads, it could mean defeat for our conservative values.

Please don't let the Obama/Pelosi attack machine win. Make a donation to help me meet my fundraising goal in the final 48 hours leading up to our deadline. No donation is too small- every dollar counts. Thank you again for your unwavering support!


Michele Bachmann

P.S. You've seen that the liberals will do and say anything in order to defeat me this year. Your generous contributions enable me to defend myself against the vicious attacks. So, as we near our final fundraising deadline before Election Day, I ask that you make a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal by Wednesday at midnight. With so much at stake in this election, I must know you stand with me. Please don't wait until it's too late -- make your immediate contribution today. Thank you.

And the Clark campaign, which hasn't divulged its Q3 number yet, is using Bachmann's reported haul to cry out for help:

Thanks to our now more than 44,000 grassroots donors, we've broken fundraising records and have had the resources needed to compete on the ground and over the airwaves, where we're holding Michele Bachmann accountable every day.

But our job is not done yet. Just yesterday, Michele Bachmann announced that she raised $5.4 million in the last three months alone. That's an average of $60,000 a day for 90 days.

It's also 5.4 million reasons for you to contribute what you can to Tarryl Clark today.

We never expected to out-raise or out-spend the self-appointed head of the Tea Party. From the beginning, we've always had faith that supporters like you would help us keep up with Bachmann's money machine. And we are doing just that.

We've set an aggressive online fundraising goal for the home stretch - $200,000 in the month of October - and we need to raise over $40,000 this week to stay on track to meet our goal. We need to meet that goal, and so we need your help today.

By making a contribution now, you'll keep our ads on the air and our volunteers on the ground knocking on doors and making calls. And that's how we beat Michele Bachmann.

Your contribution matters. Just last night, Tarryl participated in a debate held in Bachmann's hometown. Bachmann was a no-show (unwinding from a busy day appearing on Glenn Beck's show apparently) but Tarryl was amazing. She took Bachmann to task. She outlined a positive vision for the future. She made us proud.

And when she's elected to Congress, Tarryl will make us all proud every day.

Thanks for doing what you can to help her get there.


Lauren Beecham Finance Director Friends of Tarryl Clark

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