Michele Bachmann runs away from CNN

Michele Bachmann: Running at the State Fair
Michele Bachmann: Running at the State Fair
Screenshot via CNN

CNN tried to catch up with Rep. Michele Bachmann at the State Fair. But reporter Gary Tuchman figured out that these days, the congresswoman rarely talks to anyone other than known allies.

The cable news network's cameras were allowed to watch as she practically ran through through the fairgrounds, hustled by handlers to appointments with radio stations in right field.

And KTLK yakker Jason Lewis was given face time to praise her for creating her own media bubble, in which she never has to face questions that challenge her votes, speeches and campaign tactics.

"I think she has her own way of doing things, which is very much out of the Karl Rove playbook," Bachmann's Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, told Tuchman as they strolled through the fairgrounds. "I've never seen her do anything else."

Tuchman was eventually granted a blink-and-you-miss-it audience with Bachmann, in which she stuck to her "Taxin' Tarryl" talking points.

"We're polar opposites," she said of Clark, and then sped away.

"You are an insane lady," a guy hollered at Bachmann as her posse bolted through the fairgrounds. "She is crazy. Could anybody believe the crap that comes out of her mouth?"

Since the two-term incumbent is leading in the latest polls, the answer would be, "Yes."

Here's the clip:

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