Michele Bachmann reportedly knew about unethical payments to Iowa senator [UPDATE]

... and the drumbeat of bad news for Bachmann continues... 
... and the drumbeat of bad news for Bachmann continues... 

-- Update at bottom; original post from morning of April 19 --

Yesterday, we told you about how Andy Parrish is prepared to throw his old boss under the bus and corroborate allegations that Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign made unethical payments to Iowa Sen. Ken Sorenson.

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At the time, we told you it was unclear to what extent Bachmann herself knew about the payments. After all, it's possible they could've been arranged by a campaign staffer without her knowledge. But a new report indicates that's not the case.

The Des Moines Register, citing a conversation with Parrish's lawyer, John Gilmore, reports that Bachmann knew about the payments all along.

"Andy is prepared to say that Michele Bachmann understood that Sorenson was being paid, the nature of the payment and the source of those funds," Gilmore told the Register.

Gilmore added, however, that it's unclear whether Bachmann knew the payments violated ethics rules. She may not have -- after all, when Sorenson jumped ship and threw his support behind Ron Paul just days before last year's Iowa caucuses, Bachmann said Sorenson bailed because Paul's campaign gave him "a large sum of money." Of course, that would also be a clear violation of Senate ethics rules in Iowa.

It should also be noted that the Iowa Senate ethics panel is investigating Sorenson's conduct, not Bachmann's. Still, if Michele really did know about the rule-violating payments, it's a bad look for somebody who says she never gets anything wrong and prides herself on her moral rectitude.

It's also an interesting revelation in light of Bachmann's well-documented propensity to blame her political and legal troubles on other people, namely, Democrats of national prominence.

:::: UPDATE ::::

According to Andy Parrish's affidavit, Bachmann personally approved the payments to Sorenson but didn't realize they violated Iowa Senate ethics rules.

Here's the entire affidavit:

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