Michele Bachmann releases "good general health" letter from House physician

"I'm ok, right doctor?" "Close enough."

"I'm ok, right doctor?" "Close enough."

Michele Bachmann said she's healthy enough to run for president, but she'll get a doctor's note if you don't take her word for it.

After reports of Bachmann's migraine headaches, which one former aide described as "incapacitating," Bachmann originally responded with a statement that she took medication to quell her headaches, and that her only real problem was with those job-killing taxes.

Today, she released a letter from the attending House physician, in which Dr. Brian Monahan confirms for Bachmann that her migraines are under control, and lists the medications Bachmann uses to fight them.

Meanwhile, Bachmann's son, who is also a doctor, told the New York Times that his mom's headaches aren't as bad as originally reported.


"She would not in any respect meet the definition for not having capacity in one of these episodes," Dr. Lucas Bachmann told the Times. "She is probably not going to run a mile, but in terms of being able to engage, she can comprehend and assess information -- without a doubt."
With all due respect to Lucas, the second half of his statement assumes that Bachmann is normally able to "engage...comprehend and assess information." There are differing reports about this version of events.

In Dr. Monahan's letter, which is actually addressed to Bachmann herself, he writes that Bachmann has had "detailed labwork and brain scans," which didn't find anything. Wait, that doesn't sound right. The point of the letter is, there is absolutely nothing wrong inside Michele Bachmann's head:


"Your migraines occur infrequently and have known trigger factors of which you are aware and know how to avoid. When you do have a migraine, you are able to control it well with as-needed sumatriptan and odansetron. It has not been necessary for you to take daily medications to manage this condition."

Maybe this will be the end of this issue, which nearly got ABC's Brian Ross killed in South Carolina yesterday.

Now, people can stop thinking that Michele Bachmann shouldn't be president because of her migraines, and can finally go back to thinking she shouldn't be president for all the usual reasons.