Michele Bachmann rebuts Obama's jobs plan with her non-plan

Michele Bachmann's got a plan, she just won't tell us what it is.

Michele Bachmann's got a plan, she just won't tell us what it is.

Barack Obama gave a speech before a joint session of Congress last night, introducing a wide-ranging second stimulus package to jolt the American economy back to life.

Michele Bachmann says it wasn't even a plan, and said there are proven ways to improve the economy. The only problem is, if Bachmann has her own plan, she's not telling anyone what it is.

In her "unofficial" and largely unwatched rebuttal to the president's speech, Bachmann spelled doom on Obama's jobs plan, saying an infusion of government money into the economy had failed in the past, and would fail again.

"Instead of temporary fixes," Bachmann instructed Obama, "do what has worked in the past: permanent pro-growth policies that are driven by the free market."

Uh, hey, Michele, any chance you could explain what you're talking about?


Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama: One of these people has a plan.

Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama: One of these people has a plan.

No, she didn't.

Bachmann faulted Obama's speech as being purely "political," and not actually offering any real plan. Except, you know, for all that whole "plan" thing he laid out.

Obama's speech called for $447 billion in tax cuts and government spending, with the major moves being a cut to the payroll tax and spending on public works projects. The cut-more, spend-more solution -- the same one that ended Minnesota's shutdown -- raises serious questions of where the money's actually coming from, but at least on its face, looks like a plan.

"The question," Obama said, "is whether, in the face of an ongoing national crisis, we can stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy."

House Speaker John Boehner, never one to pass up a chance to take a shot at the president, put out a statement that indicated he doesn't have a ticket to the circus:

"The proposals the president outlined tonight merit consideration. We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well."
But Michele Bachmann, the resident trapeze artist of the American political circus, was having none of that deliberative, thoughtful stuff. Obama, she said, "doubled down on more of the same policies that are killing the United States economy."

Right, then. We're back to that: This is the Obama recession, caused by his stimulus package, and has nothing to do with a housing bubble, a credit crisis, and the long-term outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to China and India.

Bachmann went on to warn that things are only going to get worse if Obama gets his way.

According to Bachmann, the Congressional Budget Office analysis of Obama's healthcare overhaul will "kill upwards of 800,000 jobs, and steal over $500 billion away from Medicare."

Murder! Theft! Arrest Barack Obama!

Well, this kind of wild rhetoric might not help the tone of discussion at the circus, but it'll probably get lots of attention for Bachmann. Wait, no one cares? The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, ABC News, CBS, NBC -- no one found any space for our gal Michele? Only Fox News covered the speech?

Michele, there's really only one way to get the American people's attention with a rebuttal speech: Always, always look into the wrong camera.