Michele Bachmann quits presidential race


Michele Bachmann has officially quit the 2012 presidential race.

After a dismal sixth place finish in the Iowa caucus last night, Bachmann has finally read the enormous writing on the wall and effectively ended her ill-fated campaign.

"Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice," Bachmann announced in press conference in Des Moines, Iowa this morning. "And so I have decided to stand aside."

Earning a mere five percent of the vote in Iowa, Bachmann didn't win a single county, losing to everyone but John Huntsman, who didn't even campaign. Given how much time and money she spent campaigning in Iowa -- which happens to be her birth state -- doing so poorly didn't really bode well for the future.

Bachmann began this morning's news conference by explaining that she decided to run for president after the evening in March 2010 when congress passed Obama's health care reform bill. Though she's dropping out of the race, Bachmann vowed to continue fighting the good fight.

She didn't offer her support to another candidate this morning, but she left the door open for a future endorsement.

"I believe that if we are going to appeal Obamacare, turn our country around, and take back our country, we must do so united," she declared. "And I believe we must rally around the person that our country, and our party, and our people select to be that standard there."

Bachmann's story is a testimony to the volatility of the 2012 GOP presidential race. Just last August, she was leading the pack. Read this week's cover story, "The Fall of Michele Bachmann," to see how she fell so far so quickly.

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