Michele Bachmann quits fight for No. 4 GOP spot

Michele Bachmann got waived, just like Randy Moss.

Michele Bachmann got waived, just like Randy Moss.

The tea has definitely been put on ice.

Michele Bachmann has conceded the race for Chairman of the Republican Conference by backing Rep. Jeb Hensarling for the No. 4 GOP position.


"Jeb Hensarling has my enthusiastic support for his candidacy to become Republican House Conference Chair," she said.

After Bachmann announced her candidacy a week ago, the response from the Republican mainstream was downright frigid.

Despite the fact that she raised an insane amount of cash and, apparently, "put that gavel in John Boehner's hands," the GOP establishment is pretty wary of Bachmann becoming the loony face and shrill voice of the Republican Party.

Some speculate that perhaps Bachmann didn't fork out enough to other Repubs from her massive war chest, or that she isn't being allowed into the old boys' club. Or that she'd rather preen on Fox News than actually do the hard work of lining up allies.

Or, pick your metaphor. She's a lightning rod. She's a loose cannon. She's a grizzly mama.She's bananas. Any of them are a pretty perfect illustration of the increasingly public discomfort between the Republican old guard and a congresswoman they see as a liability.

Instead, the party has been lining up behind Hensarling, who is rumored to have all the votes he needs to bag this.

Confronted with this stark reality, Bachmann accepted the inevitable. Hensarling bowed in return, saying he was "humbled" by the news.