Michele Bachmann promises White House plans by summer

Michele Bachmann wants to be president.
Michele Bachmann wants to be president.

Fresh off informing the world that she didn't read the health care reform bill before it was enacted in March 2010, Michele Bachmann says she'll soon let everyone know what her 2012 White House tea party plans are.

"We need a nominee who really understands the times that we live in," she told CNN this morning.


I think our nominee needs to be willing to be a one-term president if that's necessary in order to get the job done, because we have to get back on a good financial footing, and we have to get gasoline prices back down to, I hope, below $2 a gallon.

A president who can accomplish both those feats would only be good for one term? Well, maybe if that president was Michele Bachmann.

"I think probably by about early summer a decision should be made," Bachmann said.

Can't wait.

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