Michele Bachmann: "Porking has gotten way out of control"

Michele Bachmann has a message for America this afternoon: "Recently, porking has gotten way out of control."

It's a provocative statement, and one that certainly lends itself to interpretation. But based on context, our best guess is that Minnesota's most floridly peculiar Representative is actually talking about legislative earmarks.

Bachmann has been talking about earmarks quite a bit lately, in fact. Since March, she has joined other congressional Republicans in forswearing earmarks. By awkward coincidence, she was simultaneously lobbying hard for the federal government to fund a new bridge in her district.

A lesser politician might be undone by this kind of cognitive dissonance, but Bachmann's mind is untroubled by the hobgoblin of consistency. She's reconciled the disconnect, and she thinks you should too.

"There is no daylight between my position and Speaker-designate John Boehner on earmarks," she insists in a statement posted this afternoon. Her bridge request isn't an earmark, she says -- it's just a funding request made "as intended by our founding fathers."

Got it? The Stillwater Bridge is smiled upon by ghosts of Washington, Jefferson, et al. What the founding fathers don't like is pork. Or porking. Congress has been doing too much porking, and the American people have had enough. Bachmann is not porking. Bachmann does not pork.

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