Michele Bachmann plans her own State of the Union address

Michele Bachmann went to Iowa on Friday. She shook hands with the locals, huddled with GOP big shots, made a speech with scary talk about America looking like the Titanic, and forged ahead with her big tease about a possible presidential run.

On Tuesday, she's going to offer her own State of the Union address.

President Barack Obama will offer the real State of the Union address, of course. Seven-term Republican congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will offer the official Republican response. Then Bachmann plans to freelance.

Ryan's a guy whose economics ought to make a teabagger's pulse race. He wants to privatize Social Security, make individuals rather than employers responsible for their health insurance, gut the tax code in favor of something much simpler and less confiscatory, and more. He even likes to throw the red meat around with comments about Obama's America following "the failure of European socialism."

But Bachmann wants the spotlight again, and she's going to bypass her own party to get it. The Tea Party Express is going to livestream her version of the State of the Union -- and raise some cash at the same time.

Maybe we'll get some more of the Titanic talk she dished in Iowa, with Bachmann in the role of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, directing everyone to the lifeboats.

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