Michele Bachmann planning to sue Obama over Obamacare fix

Last month, she called for his impeachment, now she wants to sue. What's next, imprisonment?
Last month, she called for his impeachment, now she wants to sue. What's next, imprisonment?

Last week, President Obama announced an administrative fix to the Affordable Care Act that could help some of the 4 million people who stand to lose their health insurance as a result of the president's signature law stay covered for at least another year.

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The broader debate about Obamacare aside, Obama's announcement doesn't seem like it should be especially controversial, right? Yet during remarks made at a monthly conservative event sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, Bachmann characterized the move as "the essence of lawlessness" and said she and other Republicans are planning to sue the president over it.

From Politico:

Last week, Obama announced that he would allow insurance companies to offer health plans that don't meet the standards of Obamacare for another year after it became clear that many were being cancelled. The cancellations violated Obama's previous claim that if people liked their plans they could keep them.

[At the event] Bachmann (R-Minn.) said by changing the law administratively instead of through legislation in Congress, the president violated the separation of powers clause in the Constitution...

She added that another lawmaker, who she didn't name, plans to file a resolution opposing Obama's announcement.

As we had occasion to write about earlier today, state officials won't play along with Obama's administrative fix, meaning the 140,000 Minnesotans who stand to lose their substandard coverage will still have to find higher-quality insurance policies. So, in sum, we're really having a hard time understanding how the threatened lawsuit stands to benefit Bachmann's constituents in any way, shape, or form.

If that has you feeling a little bummed, cheer up by clicking to page two to watch how Stephen Colbert reacted last night to Bachmann calling herself a "genius" because she was criticizing Obamacare way before it was cool.


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