Michele Bachmann part of Fox GOP campaign


Media Matters offers criticism of the press from left field, so Fox News is a natural target. With that disclaimer out the way, we take note this morning that the watchdog has calculated that Fox News yakkers have either endorsed, campaigned or raised money for Republican candidates more than 300 times.

Rep. Michele Bachmann gets free Fox News campaign air time pretty much whenever she needs it; just the other day she got her facts exactly backwards when she told a fawning Sean Hannity that the campaign for net neutrality was actually an Obama plot to censor the Internet. And Hannity was a big draw for the Bachmann-Palin teabaggin' fest a few weeks here in Minneapolis. But as part of its report, Media Matters found that Glen Beck went to bat for Bachmann with a checkbook:

During the October 14, 2009, edition of his radio program, Fox News host Glenn Beck hosted Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN) and asked her, "How can I help you raise money?" Bachmann replied by mentioning her campaign website. Beck replied, "We should have a fundraiser for you, Michele." Bachmann replied that she "will take it."

Here's the video:

Click here to read the full report.

Anyone know of a similar report linking other broadcast newsies to direct financial and campaign support for Democratic candidates, in the same vein as the Media Matters report?