Michele Bachmann, on phone call with Donald Trump, accidentally endorses Occupy Wall Street

Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump: Press star-three and reach for the stars.

Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump: Press star-three and reach for the stars.

Michele Bachmann held her surprise-party tele-townhall with Donald Trump last night, allowing the two of them to show off their finest skills. Trump, as is well known, is probably the hardest blowing blowhard in American politics today.

But less well known was Bachmann's talent in facilitating the tele-townhall. If this president thing doesn't work out, she could definitely fall back on a career as a telethon operator.

During the discussion, which was driven by call-ins from some of the "well over 200,000 Americans" -- Bachmann's number, so who knows? -- on the line, Bachmann and Trump discussed a number of issues. For example, Trump spoke often, and highly, of Donald Trump.

Bachmann, meanwhile, called for solidarity with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Wait, what?

Bachmann kicked off the tele-townhall, a large part of which was recorded by Minnesota Public Radio, by explaining that Trump was "one of our nation's leaders in understanding the economy and job creation." (Right. Like how he "created" jobs for his son and daughter by putting them on his television show.) Bachmann also immediately pointed out that Trump's presence was not an endorsement of her.

"He's admired, he's respected," Bachmann said, apparently still referring to Donald Trump. 

Bachmann's skill as emcee was on display throughout the event. Like the host of a low-rent telethon, Bachmann repeatedly introduced herself and Donald Trump by name, as if some people who signed up for this event yesterday were confused about the call they'd received later that night. 

Bachmann also smoothly announced a poll question for the listeners, and later its results. She repeatedly reminded callers to "press star-three" to queue-up and ask a question of Trump. The only thing missing was Bachmann kicking it to commercial, or saying, "Up next, it's The Eagles with 'Take it Easy.'" 

The least surprising part of the town hall was how happy Donald Trump was with his own presidential candidacy, which lasted about 96 hours, ending when Barack Obama released his birth certificate, made fun of Trump on television, and had Osama bin Laden whacked.

Still, Trump remembers it well, saying he was the only candidate who was talking about China and OPEC. And, of course, Trump also talked about  Obama's birth certificate, "which I'm very proud of," Trump said.

Bachmann is delighted to be taking your calls.

Bachmann is delighted to be taking your calls.

"I got this guy to do something he didn't want to do," Trump went on. "And somedody should continue to analyze that whole deal by the way."

Looks like "The Birther" movement is alive and well, especially on Michele Bachmann's campaign.

The most surprising part was when the two fielded a question from a woman in New Hampshire, who expressed disappointment in the lack of "outrage" from Republicans about what was happening on Wall Street. She clarified her question by referring to "this, what appears to be, Marxist group down there on Wall Street."

Bachmann answered first, saying that it was hard to tell if the "Occupy" movement a "George Soros-inspired protest down there," daring to ask the question that keeps Glenn Beck up at night.

Bachmann quickly turned the question on its head, going on to rail about the bailout of Wall Street. This, she blamed entirely on politicians in Washington, with other references to "Fannie and Freddie" -- one of which financed her home loan! -- but not a single mention of mistakes made by the bankers and traders.

Bachmann wound up her question saying people are "rightly concerned about" the bailout of Wall Street. She made no further mention of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Trump got his turn, and said he "understood the question two ways," which is two more than Bachmann, and one more than necessary.

Trump made fun of the protests, saying, "many of them are just having a very good time, at a lot of other people's expense."

Speaking about the protesters as if they were homeless people, or, say, ants, Trump said "at some point, something's going to have to be done to break it up."

When Trump finished, there was a long, silent beat, before Bachmann said simply, "Right."

"Press star-three, press star-three," she began. "This is Donald Trump live, on the call, with Michele Bachmann..."

And on and on they went, whispering unknowable truths to well over 200,000 Americans, solving our nation's problems one caller at a time.