Michele Bachmann on Meet The Press: Barack Obama is anti-American

Michele Bachmann loses perspective.
Michele Bachmann loses perspective.

"Meet The Press" host David Gregory tried to get Rep. Michele Bachmann to answer some basic questions on Sunday morning.

She wouldn't. She ducked and weaved like a prize fighter as Gregory asked repeatedly whether she'd vote for shutting down the government, how the Obama administration should handle the rebellion in Libya, and whether or not she was an extremist.

But she was clear on two things.

"You think the president has anti-American views?" Gregory asked.

"I think the president's actions in the last two years speak for themselves," she replied.

We'll take that as a yes: The congresswoman believes the president is anti-American. We look forward to the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.

Does he run a gangsta government?

"I don't take back my statement on gangster government," Bachmann said.

This, after she visited Latin American countries whose governments are under genuine threat from bloodthirsty narcoterrorist gangsters. No difference between them and Obama? Bachmann has lost all perspective.


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