Michele Bachmann on marriage: "It is one man, one woman -- because God said it is" [VIDEO]

For better or worse, Michele Bachmann isn't leaving Minnesota now that we're the land of the free and the home of the gays. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have an opinion about about marriage equality.

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During a Liberty Counsel event earlier this spring, Bachmann made comments about gay marriage that echo what Minnesota for Marriage has been saying for the last year or so -- marriage is between one man and one woman because, dammit, God said so.

Here's a transcript of her marriage remarks, followed by the raw video (h/t: Right Wing Watch):

"You see if we retreat from our values and fail to make the case on issues like marriage - because it is one man, one woman - because God said it is. Not because it's poll tested - because God said it is. And life - not because it's poll tested, because God stands for life. He made us in his image and likeness. And if we tread too softly on issues, like taking on Islamic jihad, and if we fight too timidly, and if we strive too meekly, then I think we all understand we very easily could come face to face with defeat, and then our nation would in fact pay a great and a lasting price, one that none of us wants to face...

"Because we need to recognize the desperate situation of our condition, not only in the natural but also in the supernatural. Because as the scripture was read from the pulpit at Margaret Thatcher's funeral, we fight not against this world, we fight against the powers and principalities and 'Prince of the Air,' that's where we need to focus as well, is on spiritual warfare..."

Yesterday, Bachmann took to Twitter to emphasize her support for "traditional marriage" right as the Senate's historic debate was being held:

Well, you can say this about Bachmann: She's not going to compromise when it comes to her her deeply held convictions no matter which way the winds of history are blowing.

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