Michele Bachmann on Facebook solves the national deficit

This would have been more fun if she had asked 4chan.

This would have been more fun if she had asked 4chan.

You guys are stressing, we know. All this talk about the deficit. How are we ever going to close the $418 billion hole in this year's federal budget?

But you know what? Don't sweat it. Michele Bachmann has got the situation locked down, using some good old-fashioned crowd-sourcing.


As Minnesota's favorite congresswoman proudly tweeted this afternoon, "In less than 5 minutes I had 100 responses from my Facebook followers on their ideas to solve the deficit."

Of course, not everything that gets posted on Facebook is necessarily sound fiscal policy. But a good rule of thumb is that if it's written in all caps, it's probably budgetary genius. For example, on Bachmann's suggestion page, Ben proposes "CUT GOVERNMENT WAGES." All right, not a bad start. We'll get this deficit licked yet. Who else has a thought?

Barbara writes: "SPENDING." Yes! Now we're cooking! A few more ideas like this and we'll be back in the black!

Bachmann may have found some inspiration for her online suggestion box from the New York Times' recent "You Fix The Budget" interactive web tool. But the Times made us restrict our choices to their own preselected budget-balancing actions, like whether or not to save $12 billion by adopting the Lincoln-Kyle plan on estate taxes. Boring!

Bachmann's open-ended format gives Americans the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with solutions those pointy-headed Poindexters in Washington couldn't devise in a million years.

Like Karen's idea: "Mandatory drug test for all welfare recipients. If you are dirty, you get no $$$$$$$$"

Or Mark, who thinks some economies could be found if we "
get rid of the concentration camps that they are building around America"

The final tabulations aren't finished yet, but it looks like our little budget problem will shortly be a thing of the past. We can't for Bachmann to introduce the  "Omnibus Deficit Elimination and No $$$$$$$$ for Dirty Welfare Recipients Act of 2010."