Michele Bachmann named "Woman of the Year" by WND [THE 2012 BACHMANN READER]

Bachmann began 2012 as a presidential candidate, and ended it about 4,000 votes away from being a former Congresswoman.
Bachmann began 2012 as a presidential candidate, and ended it about 4,000 votes away from being a former Congresswoman.

WND, a conservative news site that takes Bradlee Dean's ramblings seriously, named Michele Bachmann its 2012 "Woman of the Year."

WND's Taylor Rose cites Bachmann's "extraordinary dedication to America's founding principles and steadfast defense of the Constitution" as reasons she won the award, which is given to the woman who "did the most to represent goodness, womanliness, perseverance and character" and "had an impact on wider American, and global opinion."

Whatever you think of that, it's been a remarkably twisting-and-turning year for Bachmann, who began 2012 as a surprisingly serious presidential candidate (she fizzled shortly after the calendar turned), drew scorn from her own party for refusing to back off allegations the Muslim Brotherhood has made "deep penetration" into the U.S. government, barely fought off a challenge for her congressional seat from Jim Graves, and wrapped up the year as a voice in the wilderness alleging on far-right apocalyptic Christian radio that President Obama supports Sharia law. And we devoted more digital ink to covering all that than we did to probably any other person.

To commemorate The First Lady of Cray-Cray's memorable 2012, we put together the City Pages 2012 Michele Bachmann Reader, arranged in chronological order with the newest posts on top. So kick back, read up, and remember -- there's a not-too-distant possible world where 2012 ends with this woman as Leader of the Free World.

-- Michele Bachmann's favorite gun is the Bushmaster AR-15 used in Newtown [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann goes on apocalyptic radio show, says Obama supports Sharia law
-- Michele Bachmann spent $65 per vote; Graves spent less than $9
-- Michele Bachmann's reelection: She's as resilient as a cockroach during a carpet bombing [UPDATE]
-- Bachmann doesn't back down from Muslim Brotherhood "deep penetration" accusation [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann is panicking over Bill Clinton's imminent arrival
-- Michele Bachmann won't say whether she thinks abortion is okay in cases of rape [AUDIO]
-- Michele Bachmann's 'I do not do political speech' line draws loud laughter during debate [VIDEO]
-- Bachmann's synagogue appearance during gay tolerance celebration goes as well as you'd think
-- Star Tribune blasted for "puff" Michele Bachmann coverage
-- Michele Bachmann is so full of baloney, the Associated Press gave up on fact-checking her
-- Michele Bachmann suggests Islam is America's enemy [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann explains why all the single ladies should vote for Mitt Romney [VIDEOS]
-- Michele Bachmann says Romney is best presidential candidate because Obama is too wealthy [VIDEO]
-- Bachmann says there's "a spiritual hurricane in our land" as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches [UPDATE] [VIDEO]
-- The Onion's "Bachmann Thankful No Americans Died In Sikh Shooting" story dupes dozens
-- Michele Bachmann waves bag of gay-unfriendly Chick-fil-A [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann is the most beautiful elected official in Washington, says The Hill
-- Michele Bachmann on Ellison: 'He has long record of association with Muslim Brotherhood'
-- Michele Bachmann, Profiles in Courage: She runs away from, lies to CNN reporter [VIDEO]
-- John McCain blasts Bachmann for 'sinister, degrading' Muslim Brotherhood fear-mongering [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann sounds alarm about "suicide-bomber conference" in Chicago
-- Norm Coleman most popular prominent MN GOPer; Bachmann "most unpopular politician"
-- Bachmann posts absurdly question-begging "Conservative Priorities Survey" to her website
-- Bachmann renounces citizenship in gay-friendly Switzerland, blasts Obama for backing gay marriage
-- Michele Bachmann is making shit up in her latest fundraising e-mail
-- Michele Bachmann becomes a Swiss citizen, hilarity ensues [CARTOONS]
-- Michele Bachmann endorses Romney months after saying Mitt "cannot beat Obama"
-- Michele Bachmann's "tar baby" Obama blast "has nothing to do with race"
-- Is Michele Bachmann's "tar baby" blast of President Obama a racial slur? [VIDEO]
-- Michele Bachmann, drowned out by Obamacare supporters, says: "We are surrounded by those who benefit from socialism"
-- Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign, $1 million in debt, didn't live within its means
-- Obama signs Stillwater bridge bill after Klobuchar, Bachmann write him letter
-- Bachmann: Contraception mandate step toward one-child policy [VIDEO]
-- Bachmann: Left-driven Limbaugh outrage hypocritical
-- Twitter user who wants to sodomize Michele Bachmann can't remain anonymous
-- Redistricting puts Bachmann and McCollum in same district, but Michele will run elsewhere
-- Michele Bachmann: "I was the perfect candidate"
-- Bachmann may face tough reelection battle
-- Michele Bachmann quits presidential race
-- Michele Bachmann bombs in Iowa caucus, finishes in sixth place [UPDATED]
-- Bachmann: God will facilitate victory in Iowa

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