Michele Bachmann naked body scans [PHOTOS]

Michele Bachmann naked body scan pictures: The horror, the horror.

Michele Bachmann naked body scan pictures: The horror, the horror.

While flirting with a presidential bid in Iowa late last month, Michele Bachmann was asked about privacy concerns with full-body scanners at airport security.

"Thank you for asking that question," Bachmann said. "It's one on everybody's mind."

Bachmann then revealed that she will no longer consent to the anti-terrorism scans because she believes that the TSA wants naked photos of her to put on the internet.


It's quite a conundrum for a Congresswoman who spends an awful lot of time jaunting around the country trying to pump up her national image.

But unfortunately for Bachmann, her concern is too little, too late.

Several weeks ago, City Pages was contacted by a member of the TSA, who said he had something we might be interested in.

Intrigued, we agreed to meet him in a parking garage near our office in the Warehouse District.

Michele Bachmann's naked body scan pictures

Michele Bachmann's naked body scan pictures

The man, who took great pains to conceal his identity, opened a manilla folder containing grainy photos that had obviously come from an airport body scan.

"That's her," he said.

Having heard that naked pictures of Brett Favre's penis fetched thousands, the man initially tried to negotiate a similar high price for his naked Bachmann photos.

In the end, however, he settled for $20 and a half-finished Subway punch card.

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