Michele Bachmann makes re-election bid official

She looks taller on TV, doesn't she?
She looks taller on TV, doesn't she?
Via Bachmann for Congress/Facebook

She forgot to pay her property taxes on time, but incumbent Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann didn't forget to register for her own re-election today, signing papers for the CD6 race with Minnesota Secretary of State staff.

MPR was on hand and quoted Bachmann as saying "the people" didn't like "the bailout," stimulus spending and the "huge government take over of health care," and that she's with "the people."

Bachmann, like any good political performer, loves to overstate her cred.

Consider this: An MPR poll out last week found that about half of all Minnesotans said the federal government's taxpayer-funded bailout and stimulus of the U.S. economy has made life better, not worse. Most approved of Obama's job performance, too. The best one can say is that Minnesotans are hardly united in their attitudes.

As to health care, MPR didn't poll on that question. But here's another barometer: The progress of her single major piece of legislation, the repeal of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- otherwise known as health care reform.

About a month ago, Bachmann had attracted 52 House supporters of the bill, Republicans all except Democrat Parker Griffith of Alabama. And not a single other Minnesotan. Today that total is 55, with a pickup of just three more Republicans out of 177 in the House -- fewer than one third. And again, not a single Minnesotan.

That said, the folks in CD6 have sent her to Congress twice now. Whether or not those voters are as unsettled as the state in general remains to be seen when she runs against Tarryl Clark in the fall.

The Clark campaign, meanwhile, released a video scorning Bachmann for ignoring her constituents in favor of her national ambitions:

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