Michele Bachmann makes Newsweek's dignity index

Why does she keep saying such stupid things?

Why does she keep saying such stupid things?

Crazy Michele Bachmann has once again rained dishonor upon our fair state.

In the issue of Newsweek in your mailbox today, our idiotic congresswoman scores a 61 on the magazines "Dignity Index" for her silly quote about "running out of rich people."

You can read the online version here. Relevent quote:

Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann (who said last year Congress is full of "anti-Americans") says she opposed the stimulus bill because "we're running out of rich people." Score: 61

Well, at least she can always fall back on the old saw: "At least they spelled my name right."

Except Bachmann doesn't even get that pyrrhic victory: Newsweek added an "l" to her first name.