Michele Bachmann loves kittens and the American flag

class=img_thumbleft> Michele Bachmann has made quite a name for herself in less than three months in Congress. The freshman Republican from Stillwater first garnered national headlines for fondling the President following his State of the Union Address. She followed that up by revealing to the St. Cloud Times Iran's previously unknown plans to partition Iraq and turn it into a "terrorist haven." Bachmann's tenure has become so widely ridiculed that Wonkette has taken to soliciting spies to intern in her office.

So it's understandable that she might be seeking more sympathetic coverage in the local media. Bachmann's press secretary, Heidi Frederickson, recently sent out an email soliciting friendly letters to the editor from supporters. "As you may have seen, Michele has been the focus of lots of media lately and most of it not friendly," the missive, first published by the Dump Michele Bachmann blog, begins. "We want to make sure that the media and others reading the paper get a balanced view of Michele Bachmann." The letter then goes on to suggest potential topics for the supportive letters, such as Bachmann's "strong fiscal conservative roots," and "her devotion to her family and making Minnesota a better place."

While definitely pathetic, Minnesota Monitor suggests that the email, which was sent from Frederickson's government account, might also be illegal. Jeff Fecke points out that federal law prohibits using Congressional resources from being used in a manner that "specifically solicits political support for the sender or any other person or any political party, or a vote or financial assistance for any candidate for any public office."

Frederickson did not immediately return a call seeking comment.