Michele Bachmann looked into the wrong SOTU camera on purpose

Michele Bachmann: Crazy eyes.
Michele Bachmann: Crazy eyes.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and the first time a lot of Americans saw Michele Bachmann unfiltered came Tuesday night after the president's State of the Union speech, when she wouldn't look straight into the camera.

Besides annoying establishment Republicans for stealing the limelight from their chosen SOTU responder, Rep. Paul Ryan, Bachmann became the talk of the nation for what appeared to be a case of shifty eyes. What was she looking at? (We had a few ideas. Slideshow here.)

The TeaPartyHD camera, according to the man who produced her speech, Tony Loiacono.

In case you missed it, Bachmann's appearance was originally supposed to be a web-only livestream. But at the last minute, CNN announced it would carry her speech live. Rather than use the TeaPartyHD unit as a the pool camera, CNN put its own lens on Bachmann.

Then, instead of looking America dead in the eye while she performed her now-familiar denunciations of Barack Obama, twisted her facts, and made strained references to the Battle of Iwo Jima, she opted to address the TeaPartyHD camera instead. Net effect: Crazy eyes.

The ensuing mockery has lasted for days, and it peeves Loiacono -- doubtless because it makes his work look like amateur hour. He tells the Washington Post he plans to post his version of the Bachmann speech today, at noon Pacific time (2 p.m. here in flyover land).

"She looks beautiful, the set is pretty," he says. "We put her through hair and makeup."

And she brought cupcakes!


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