Michele Bachmann links gay agenda, pedophilia [AUDIO]

Bachmann, on the "gay community": "Their ultimate goal is to not allow for diversity of opinion on this issue."

Bachmann, on the "gay community": "Their ultimate goal is to not allow for diversity of opinion on this issue."

We already know Michele Bachmann isn't a big fan of gay people. It's also not a surprise to hear her say outrageous right-wing things on the radio. But during an appearance on the conservative Faith & Liberty show last week, Bachmann proved she still has the capacity to open her mouth and stun us.

Bachmann argued that marriage equality represents society's first step down a slippery slope that will end up with adults being "able to freely prey on little children sexually."

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"Today, the big push is on transgender," Bachmann said. "I believe that we're going to see coming an effort for multiple in marriage, not just two, but multiple, I think they want to legalize that. I think [the gay community] also wants to abolish age of consent laws, which means children -- we would do away with statutory rape laws so that adults would be able to freely prey on little children sexually."

"That's the deviance that we're seeing embraced in our culture today," she continued.

Bachmann also tried to place the recent marriage equality tidal wave in historical context.

"For all the thousands of years of human history -- about 5,000 years -- there is no instance of any culture, nation, or tribe ever having it be an established standard for marriage anything other than between man and woman. It may have been multiple women and a man, it may have been something like that, but it was always between men and women."

"It wasn't until the year 2000 that the world has embarked on this radical experiment of marriage between other than a man and a woman," she continued. "I think that nature tells us -- biology tells us -- that marriage is between a man and a woman. [At this point, the host interjects, "And our Bible," to which Bachmann replies, "That's right."] When we tamper with something that was generated by the creator of the universe, I think there are profound consequences that we haven't yet realized."

"That's why this matters," Bachmann said. "It's very important for the subsequent generations that we are charged with rearing."

In related news, Bachmann's term in Congress ends in a few months. Catch her on the wrong side of history.

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