Michele Bachmann is so full of baloney, the Associated Press gave up on fact-checking her

The joke is on us -- she was actually in the mix to become President of the United States.
The joke is on us -- she was actually in the mix to become President of the United States.

You just can't make this up, folks.

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Michele Bachmann is so divorced from Aristotelian logic that the Associated Press imposed a "self-imposed Michele Bachmann quota" when fact-checking her during the Republican presidential primary season. No, really!

From the Washington Post:

In a panel of fact-checking all-stars this morning at the National Press Club, a predictable question arose: What about the studies that have shown that fact-checking operations are tougher on Republican than Democratic politicians?

Among the points raised by the panel was that the balance over the past year has been skewed by the barroom brawl also known as the Republican primary season. A lot of nodding ensued.

Jim Drinkard, an Associated Press (AP) editor who oversees the wire service's fact-checking work, said, "We had to have a self-imposed Michele Bachmann quota in some of those debates."

After the session, Drinkard said that there wasn't an actual numerical quota on Bachmann at the AP. It's just that if the AP had gone back and vetted all her claims that looked dicey, the result would "overload" the debate story. "Often she was just more prone to statements that just didn't add up," said Drinkard.

One example cited in the story is Bachmann's infamous claim that the HPV vaccine could lead to mental retardation.

It's an interesting political strategy -- disregard the truth so thoroughly that the media just gives up trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, history shows us that when effective, it can lead to regrettable outcomes.

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