Michele Bachmann is making shit up in her latest fundraising e-mail

Today, Slate points out a few absurd fabrications contained in Michele Bachmann's May 8 fundraising appeal to prospective donors.

We wouldn't expect politicians to be above bending the truth to their advantage, but Bachmann's claims are more akin to taking the truth and snapping it in two.

Recent polling suggests Bachmann's popularity in Minnesota took a beating as a result of her ill-fated presidential run, and she faces a stiff challenge this November in the form of Democrat Jim Graves, a wealthy, business-savvy and worker-supported Democrat. So she's apparently pulling out all the stops in hopes of filling up her campaign coffers.

Here's what Bachmann says in her recent fundraising e-mail:

A major development has just occurred in my race for the U.S. House of Representatives and I'm asking for your immediate help... You see, in retaliation for repeatedly standing up to President Obama on the national stage, liberal judges have redrawn the lines of my Minnesota Congressional District to try and wipe me off of the political map once and for all.

First off, by "just occurred," Bachmann apparently means 'occurred nearly three months ago.' The redistricting maps were released on February 21.

More importantly deceptive, however, is Bachmann's claim that "liberal judges" redrew her congressional district "to try and wipe me off of the political map once and for all." As Slate notes, redistricting became the duty of a panel only after the MNGOP-controlled legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton failed to agree on a map. Politics in Minnesota described the panel of five judges as "independent," with members appointed by Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Lorie Gildea.

More from Bachmann's e-mail:

Their bias was so obvious they even gerrymandered my home -- where my wonderful husband Marcus and I live -- entirely out of my District and placed it into one held by a six-term Democrat incumbent!

Um... you had a choice of which district to run in, Michele. In fact, the same day the redistricting map was unveiled, Bachmann released a statement saying "I'm announcing today that I will be running in the 6th Congressional District." She could've run in the 4th District had she preferred but was no doubt scared she didn't stand a chance running in a more urban district represented by strong, longtime Democratic incumbent Betty McCollum.

You can't make it up... unless you're Michele Bachmann. In which case, apparently you can, and perhaps even wrangle up some campaign contributions in the process.

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