Michele Bachmann is a student of foreign policy


Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has compared the federal government to a "cartel" and called it "gangster government," has returned from visiting some real gangstas.

Now, she is calling herself "a student of foreign policy."

Now a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Bachmann denied that her recent visit to Mexico and Colombia had anything to do with a possible presidential bid for 2012.

"That wasn't the reason I went on the trip," Bachmann told Politico. "I went on the trip because I'm a member of the Intelligence Committee and we're very focused on the problems and solutions for the Colombian people and the Mexican people and how our vital US interests are impacted by those two nations."

But you have to wonder if the move is designed to give Bachmann an air of gravitas that has been sorely lacking from her error-ridden rants.

And maybe now that she's been to countries where real ganstas rule, she'll stop calling our president one, as she did in this video:

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