Michele Bachmann: I believe in God and $2 per gallon gas

Michele Bachmann: She's a believer.

Michele Bachmann: She's a believer.

Michele Bachmann doesn't have all the answers. Hell, she's barely got any.

On yesterday's "Face the Nation," Bachmann reiterated that President Michele Bachmann would deliver gas at $2 per gallon or less. And when host Bob Schieffer pressed Bachmann on her offensive "jokes" about Hurricane Irene being sent by God, Bachmann hedged a bit -- okay, a lot -- and explained that it was a "metaphor."

Well, was it a joke, or a metaphor?

And once we've labeled that, what, exactly, should we call this $2 gas thing?


Schieffert spent a lot of the 15-minute interview asking the same questions repeatedly, finding that Bachmann was not about to be pinned down to anything.

Michele Bachmann's Hurricane Irene "joke" has become a "metaphor."

Michele Bachmann's Hurricane Irene "joke" has become a "metaphor."

First, he asked about the gas price miracle. Schieffer said it's a "great idea," but how, pray tell, would Bachmann do it?

Well, by embarking on an all-of-the-above energy strategy. What the president has been doing is strangling the United States' energy sector. The good news is, Bob, that many Americans still don't know, is that the United States is the number-one energy resource -ich nation in the world.

Bachmann listed off some of those resources, thus disproving the fact check that finds her claim to be "highly questionable," and analysis that wonders whether Bachmann is "naive, or simply making dishonest campaign promises." 

Then, it was time to talk about God's weather weapons.

"Do you believe," Schieffer asked, "that God does weather to send people messages here on Earth?"

"Well, of course," Bachmann said, "Well, of course, with Irene, this was a terrible tragedy. We saw destruction of property but more importantly of human life. And everyone across the United States was devastated by those views."

Yes, everyone was devastated. Some people, like Michele and her Sarasota, Florida, crowd were so devastated that they were laughing about the hurricane -- devastating laughter.

"And my prayers and thoughts were with those families as well," Bachmann said.

And her jokes!

Bachmann repeatedly called the whole thing a "metaphor," and then reiterated, again, that Barack Obama's not listening to the American people. Finally, Schieffer asked one last time, does God send us messages through the weather?

"Well," Bachmann said, "I believe in God. I'm not ashamed to say that I believe in God."

Schieffer moved on, and so did a relieved Bachmann. But somehow, this makes it worse: Michele Bachmann says she believes in God, and there's no reason to doubt her faith. So shouldn't she be the last person to invoke His name to get laughs with one of her hilarious "metaphors" on the campaign trail?