Michele Bachmann has "sex appeal," top Pawlenty aide says

"Why do you hate to say it, Vin?"

"Why do you hate to say it, Vin?"

Michele Bachmann is beating Tim Pawlenty because she's sexy, one of Pawlenty's top aides said yesterday.

In an interview with "The Hill," former 6-term U.S. Rep. Vin Weber, now a co-chairman of Pawlenty's doomed presidential campaign, explained Bachmann's political attraction.

"She's got hometown appeal," Weber said, "she's got ideological appeal, and, I hate to say it, but she's got a little sex appeal too." [jump] There's a lot to think about here. First, there's the statement itself, that Michele has sex appeal. But, she's only got a little. Finally, Weber hates to say she's got it.

Does he hate saying it because she's Pawlenty's opponent? Because it's inappropriate? Or does he just hate being sexually attracted to Bachmann?

Not only did Weber hate saying it, now he regrets it. He released a statement last night, which the Hill has tacked-on at the bottom of the original story.

"I made a mistake that was disrespectful to my friend Congresswoman Bachmann. I've been a Bachmann supporter in her Congressional bids and I apologize. I was not speaking on behalf of Governor Pawlenty's campaign but nevertheless, it was inappropriate and I'm sorry."
The controversy was so great, it awakened Tim Pawlenty from a six-month nap. In an interview yesterday in Iowa, Pawlenty said sex appeal shouldn't be used to evaluate a candidate, and Weber wasn't speaking for the campaign when he said it.

So, we await the official Pawlenty campaign position on whether Michele Bachmann is sexy, and whether he hates saying it, or thinking it.