Michele Bachmann had the worst week in Washington

Cooper vs. Bachmann: It didn't help.

Cooper vs. Bachmann: It didn't help.

It didn't help Michele Bachmann's recent power play for a leadership position among Republicans that she chose the very same moment to once more climb aboard the crazy train.

By Wednesday, she figured out she was better suited to softball sessions with Sean Hannity than twisting arms with the GOP old guard, and quit her campaign.


Today, the Washington Post took note.

Michele Bachmann, for underestimating the (still) potent power of the party establishment, you had the Worst Week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

Bachmann raised tens of millions of dollars this year to help herself and other conservative Republicans get elected. She gave tea partiers a receptacle in the Capitol. She wanted, as BusinessWeek said, to be taken seriously.

But when it came time for John Boehner's boys to choose up sides, Bachmann was left standing while Jeb Hensarling of Texas got the No. 4 slot she campaigned for.

And with Hensarling's victory now assured, there won't be a single challenge to any member of the Republican leadership team - a sign that tea party might not have changed things within the party as much as people thought they had.

It's all for the best. Now she can get back to her comfort zone, tweaking the tingling sensation in Chris Matthews leg.