Michele Bachmann goes to bat for Alaska teabagger [UPDATE]

Here comes the rescue party.

Here comes the rescue party.

Joe Miller is the teabaggin' crazy running for U.S. Senate in Alaska who recently had a reporter arrested for being, well, a reporter.

Given her tendency these days to duck real reporters in favor of campaign contributors like Sean Hannity, maybe that's why Michele Bachmann is throwing him a life preserver.


Update: He needs all the help he can get, too, having blown a huge lead in the polls to the point where he is now in third place.

What happened? Turns out Miller likes to feed from the government hand that he routinely pillories. He admires the Berlin Wall as an immigration solution (note: it was designed to keep people in, not out) and he's got a few ethics problems.

In 2008, working as a lawyer for a borough in Fairbanks, Alaska, he used the computers of fellow government workers to vote in an online political poll, itself a breach of ethical policy. He then cleared lots of material from the computers to cover his tracks, and in the process deleted their passwords and saved websites.

In a memo at the time to his then boss, another lawyer, Rene Broker, Miller said: "I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did."

Plainly, the guy's in trouble. So Mama Grizzly's threw him a rally, and Bachmann kept the Miller supporters hopped up via video.

Here's the invitation.

"Change DC" RALLY! Thursday, OCTOBER 28TH, 7-9PM Dena'ina Center, Anchorage AK

Hosted by Republican Nominee, Joe Miller for US Senate

Special Guests: Janine Turner (star of TV's Northern Exposure, founder of Constituting America) and Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin

Via Video, Governor Mike Huckabee, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator James Inhofe, Talk Radio Host, Lars Larson, Glen Beagle And YOU!

This is a free event, donations are welcome. Doors open at 6pm

Come and join us for an exciting, inspiring and memorable evening. It's time to "Change DC"! We can only do that by changing the people who are there.

For more information call: Joe Miller Headquarters (907) 929-9563 or go to

Maybe someone will ask her whether she's in favor of having reporters arrested. Here she is, endosring Miller last month: