Michele Bachmann goes on apocalyptic radio show, says Obama supports Sharia law

It seems Ron Paul was on to something here...
It seems Ron Paul was on to something here...

Constituents of the 6th District who voted for Michele Bachmann instead of Jim Graves last month can't be happy to hear their Congresswoman say she spent a "whole year" fretting about Obama administration's alleged efforts to implement Sharia law here in the United States.

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But that's what Bachmann said during an interview on the radio show of Jan Markell, a right-wing radio host who discusses "current events in light of biblical end-time prophecy." And there was plenty more looniness where that came from.

Bachmann also compared the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation's 2005 "Ten-year strategic action plan" to Hitler's Mein Kampf and said the FBI's effort to remove passages "negative about Islam" from training manuals could be "deadly" for the United States. So, on second thought, maybe the comments she offered up during the Markell interview weren't too far from standard fare for her.

Bachmann is particularly concerned about the OIC's alleged effort, in her words, to "criminalize worldwide any any speech that is disparaging to Islam." That goal, she pointed out, "is completely contrary to the United States' 1st Amendment freedom of speech and expression."

But it looks like Minnesota's First Lady of Crazy has constructed another straw man. Unless we're missing something or reading an incomplete version of the document, nowhere in the 10-year plan (linked above) does the OIC call for the criminalization of speech critical of Islam. In fact, one passage calls for member states to "Endeavour to spread the correct ideas about Islam as a religion of moderation and tolerance in order to fortify Muslims against extremism and narrow-mindedness." In fairness, another calls on members to "Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments," but that still falls short of suggesting that the U.S. ought to tear up the 1st Amendment and replace it with Sharia law.

Bachmann said she views the FBI's recent purge of training manual passages critical of Islam as representative of the Obama administration's broader embrace of Sharia law.

"All these efforts of the Obama administration -- the only conclusion you could make is that they're embracing the [OIC's] 10-year plan and are supporting it," she said.

With regard to Sharia law, Bachmann said she wasn't surprised to learn that the OIC wants to essentially implement it everywhere, "but what we've never seen before is the United States aiding and abetting that goal."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the 6th District, an unemployed person weeps.

If you're curious to listen to Bachmann's Jan Markell interview for herself, click here. The interview begins just shy of a half-hour in.

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