Michele Bachmann goes beyond parody in new audio clip

If you're a Republican and are wondering why we sometimes have difficultly taking your party seriously, consider that the following paragraphs consist of a real story written about a real elected official who just three years ago was one of the country's foremost GOPers.

Just days after we took liberal websites to task for being duped by fake Michele Bachmann quotes, the real Bachmann went ahead and said something that's just as crazy as anything a satire website could concoct.

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During an interview with the religious radio program Wallbuilders Live, Bachmann expressed concern that the Obama administration might dole out grants to hospitals so they can perform medical experiments on "illegal alien" children.

Now look -- we haven't been fans of everything Obama has done. Far from it. But fear-mongering about something as ridiculous as the possibility POTUS could fund medical experimentation on children who enter the country illegally is, well, ridiculous.

Then again, this is Michele Bachmann we're taking about. What else would you expect?

Here's the raw audio, followed by a transcript.

BACHMANN: A foster child is by definition a ward of the state. We have 400,000 foster children in this compan-- country. And now President Obama is trying to bring all these foreign nationals, the illegal aliens, to the country, and he has said that he will put them in the foster care system.

Well, I will tell you from personal experience, we don't have enough foster parents now in the country for the kids in America. We certainly don't have enough foster parents for all of the illegal aliens that the president is trying to bring in right now...

We can't imagine doing this, but if you have a hospital, and they are going to get millions of dollars in government grants if they conduct medical research on somebody, and a ward of the state can't say no, a little kid can't say no if they are a ward of the state. So here you could have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation and a kid can't even say no. It's sick.

In related news, Bachmann has about five months left in office. But will the Republican who will likely follow her as Sixth District U.S. Representative be any better? The indications at this point aren't good. Then again, this is a democracy, so we suppose the fine people of exurban central Minnesota get what they vote for.

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