Michele Bachmann gets another free pass, digs into gun talk


MinnPost did it. The St. Cloud Times did it. Now, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine has helped Michele Bachmann score a hat trick of softball interviews in which she gets to say anything she wants without so much as a hint of a challenge from the reporter conducting the interview.

On the other hand, Steve Marsh does manage to lead her down this weird tangent over blood, violence and firearms -- without even mentioning the "Charge of the Light Brigade."

A few choice quotes:

Marsh: My dad is in love with you because you spoke about the Second Amendment at his trapshooting banquet.

Bachmann: I don't get as much time to go and shoot as I would like, but my favorite gun is the AR-15. It's so accurate. It is a big gun! I'll do a handgun, but it's not my favorite.

Marsh: You often refer to blood sacrifice, whether it's Tennyson or Jefferson. My favorite was, "We have to slit our wrists and become blood brothers for freedom!"

That's from the cowboy and Indian movies from the 1950s. That's all my brothers and I watched: John Wayne and cowboys and Indians.

Marsh: Where do you find this bloody, violent language?

Bachmann: I don't know where you're going with this blood and sacrifice stuff, but it's not me! I love Blackstone. I love the language and the idiom of the founding era. If I'm looking at philosophy, I love Emerson, Thoreau.

Yessir, that's our lovable little Republican fuzzball from Stillwater.