Michele Bachmann, former presidential candidate, now pumps gas in Lino Lakes

How the mighty have fallen!

Less than a year removed from being a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann is now working at a Lino Lakes gas station.

Apparently, demand for Marcus Bachmann's anti-gay therapy ain't what it used to be. Either that or the couple needs the extra income to pay down some of the massive debt Michele incurred during her ill-fated bid for the GOP nomination.

In seriousness, Michele was pumpin' gas as part of an effort to let Minnesota voters know she hasn't forgotten about them, otherwise known as her two-day "energy tour" through the Sixth Congressional District.

While on the campaign trail, Bachmann pledged to bring per-gallon gas prices down to $2 through a combination of opening the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve and stimulating domestic production.

Today, she talked about her plan at Lino's Fast Break Station while giving constituents the full-service treatment. Talk about pain at the pump...

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