Michele Bachmann for U.S. Senate in 2012?


Are we looking at a U.S. Senate race in 2012 pitting incumbent DFLer Amy Klobuchar against Rep. Michele Bachmann, if the crazy conservative loses her congressional district to poor census numbers?

That was the buzz on the floor of the state GOP convention today in Minneapolis after Bachmann brought the delegates to their feet with her now familiar rants against everyone whose politics run to the left of Attila the Hun. (Bonus slur based on fiction today: Obama is "infantile.")

Democrats are salivating over the karmic possibility that Bachmann's too-weird-for-Glenn-Beck census conspiracy theories will lead to an under-count in Minnesota, and the vanishing of her congressional district.

So then, howsabout the Senate? Every state has two senators. Guaranteed.

Tweeting journos prowling the convention floor quoted Bachmann's responses to the idea:

MPR's Tom Scheck: "GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann on a possible U.S. Senate run in 2012: 'I'm not looking at it.'"

Via AP's Brian Bakst: "Bachmann says #mn2012 Senate 'not in my thought bank.' Declined to fully rule out."

Sure is fun to think about Bachmann joining Al Franken in the Senate, one joker following another.