Michele Bachmann flunks Canadian economics

Bachmann loves Canadian economics.

Bachmann loves Canadian economics.

Since Michele Bachmann keeps flunking American history, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that she's flunking Canadian history too.

To make matters worse, she's broadcasting her lousy grade far and wide via Twitter:

"Lesson in economic recovery: Consider Canada," she tweeted today. "No stimulus & unemployment is 20% lower than US."

Can't those millions of campaign dollars in her kitty pay for a fact checker?


Lesson in economic recovery: Consider Canada. No stimulus & unemployment is 20% lower than US. #tcot #teaparty #canadaless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Canada passed a stimulus package in 2009 at the same moment Congress was debating doing the same thing.

Not only that, but Canada's banks survived the meltdown in the financial markets because of government regulation of the sort Bachmann routinely disparages as socialism.

And Canada has managed a lower unemployment figure than the United States despite having socialized medicine. Is this really the country America's Craziest Congresswoman wants to hold up as a shining example of her economic philosophy?