Michele Bachmann finally agrees to debates

It's really happening, everyone. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is going to debate her opponent Tarryl Clark. In public. Without Sean Hannity to lend a hand. It's a little out there, we know, but she's really going to give this a shot.

Keeping with her avoid and conquer campaign style, Bachmann has been especially squirrelly as of late about whether or not she would debate Clark before the November election.

Last week, Bachmann's spokesperson said she'd "confirmed with several venues affirmatively" but then refused to say there would be more than one debate. Can't comment on that. Wouldn't be prudent.


Clark's people used the opportunity to announce that she'd agreed to five debates. "It's just one more example of where Bachmann's priorities are," her spokesperson wrote.

Well, this afternoon, Bachmann's people finally combed out their own jargon and confirmed that she will appear at three debates. They are at the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 26, on MPR's "Midday" on Oct. 28th and on KSTP on Halloween.

Which makes us wonder -- will the candidates pick scary costumes to psych each other out for that final debate? Perhaps Bachmann will skin a grizzly and wear its bloody hide? Maybe Clark will go as Bill "The Hitman" Clinton.

Clark also made the point that she would have agreed to a sixth appearance, but an October 7th date was already canceled because Bachmann did not respond.

That's because Bachmann has a scheduling conflict. She'll be "Reclaiming America" at the "Taking Back Congress Tour" at Orchestra Hall -- $12.80 for the riffraff, $225 to sit with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

While the event promises an "honest, no holds barred conversation" the scheduling conflict will bar all holds between Clark and Bachmann.

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