Michele Bachmann fights Bill O'Reilly, accidentally invents Medicaid [VIDEO]

Bill O'Reilly picked on Bachmann in a way that Fox News normally doesn't.

Bill O'Reilly picked on Bachmann in a way that Fox News normally doesn't.

Michele Bachmann was on TV last night for a little plugging from her favorite channel, Fox News, and its most popular host, Bill O'Reilly.

But instead of the typical "we're in this together, go get the black guy -- I mean bad guy, get the bad guy" Fox treatment, O'Reilly grilled Bachmann, pulling the same bullying act he normally saves for people on the other side of the aisle.

On the spending subject Bachmann stuck to her position that the military, Medicare and Social Security can't even be considered for cuts, thereby taking about two-thirds of the federal budget off the table. But, referring again to Meidcare and Social Security, she offered the rather empty obsevation that "the time for entitlement reform is now."

O'Reilly pushed back.

"Okay," he said, "but what's your idea about that?"


Pressed by O'Reilly, who seemed genuinely unimpressed, Bachmann -- like a 30 watt light bulb, blinking in a basement -- came up with a radical new plan.

"There's been good suggestions that have come out there," she said.

"Like what?" O'Reilly badgered her. "Gimme one."

"Well," Bachmann began, "people who don't have sufficient income could have their health insurance subsidized, and so for those people who do have sufficient income, then they would purchase their own health insurance."

Genius! But what will we call it? Oh, I know, how about Medicaid!

Bachmann is right to get this out there now, early in the campaign... although she'd better hope that Lyndon Johnson doesn't think of it first.

Watch the surprisingly testy interview below.