Michele Bachmann fellow traveler Bryan Fischer equates Muslims with neo-Nazis

Bryan Fischer says President Obama can't possibly be a Christian
Bryan Fischer says President Obama can't possibly be a Christian

Michele Bachmann joined the political chorus last week in denouncing the nutty Florida pastor who threatened to hold a book-buring party fueled by Qurans on 9/11.

"Reprehensible," she said.

But look who she's appearing with this coming weekend at the Values Voter Summit: Bryan Fischer, a guy who assumes that Muslims are no different from neo-Nazis, and out to be treated the same way.

"I see no reason why our policies toward Islam in the West in general and America in particular should not be a mirror image of our policies toward the neo-Nazi movement," he wrote recently. Elsewhere, he's insisted that, "Every mosque in America must be infiltrated by the FBI," and that "President Obama cannot possibly be a Christian."

This self-appointed arbiter of family values is "director of issue analysis for government and public policy at the American Family Association." That's book banner Donald Wildmon's outfit. (More on Wildmon here.)

God knows what he'd think about that Chaska Presbyterian Church, where they read passages from the Quran over the weekend.

But this is mainstream thinking at the Values Voter Summit this coming weekend, where Fischer is being placed front and center with Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Maybe Bachmann will label Fischer's views "reprehensible" as well. It would be so easy; he'd be so close. But then again, she's jumped on the anti-Muslim bandwagon before. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, here's a taste of Fischer on CNN:

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