Michele Bachmann fears Walter Mondale's bull's-eye on her back

It's not as if Michele Bachmann actually needs anymore cash; she sits on mountains of greenbacks ready for the good spendin' to keep her congressional seat and personalized studio chair at Fox News. But by golly that Walter Mondale guy has a bull's-eye on her back now. Pelosi too! And don't forget Clinton! He's gone totally gangster on poor Michele.

Send her cash, she says, or she's doomed.

Why this matters now is odd, since Mondale endorsed Bachmann's challenger, Tarryl Clark, a long time ago. Maybe it's because he's started raising money for Clark. Or maybe it's because Mondale's words have some sting:

Congresswoman Bachmann consistently takes the side of special interests on critical issues from holding BP accountable for the oil spill to making sure corporations can't buy our elections to common sense regulation of Wall Street. Minnesota needs someone in Congress who is on our side, not the special interests.

Evil Mondale, Bachmann cries:

The tax-and-spend liberals are coming out of the woodwork in support of my left wing opponent. Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter's Vice President, who pledged to raise taxes in 1984 when he ran for President against Ronald Reagan is only the latest liberal to paint a bull's-eye on my back.

Well the former Vice President can get in line!! Behind Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama, Big Labor Bosses, Pro-abortionist like NARAL and all the other left-wing, tax loving politicians and organizations gunning to defeat me this election.

This is how it's done by the pros, folks. You want to raise more money than any other member of Congress running for re-election this year? Pay attention to Bachmann.

If you want to see who's contributing to her campaign, check out the FEC reports tabulated by OpenSecrets.

You can do the same for her challenger Tarryl Clark here.

And note that in blasting Mondale, Bachmann bypasses the former attorney general, senator and vice president made reducing public debt -- the public debt that Bachmann gets so bent out of shape about these days -- a campaign theme when he ran against Reagan.

And Reagan? During his subsequent two terms, the deficit tripled.

Can't be saying stuff like that though. Look what happened to a Democrat in Ohio when he tried: The teabaggers went ballistic.

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