Michele Bachmann fact checked on Gaza aid [Video]


Another day on Fox News, another chance to lob unsubstantiated claims. In the latest version, Bachmann gets her Middle East facts all wrong, aided and abetted by host David Asman.

The video (after the jump) is helpfully posted on Bachmann's Facebook page.

BACHMANN: I also don't think it was a a good signal for the president to give $400 million in aid to Gaza. He had a choice to make last week. The president had a choice between standing with Benjamin Netanyahu, or standing with Ahmadinejad and Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization. This should not have been a difficult choice, but the President chose to stand with Hamas and then they were rewarded this week with $400 million in aid. Gee, you don't think that will embolden them to take future aggressive actions against Israel, do you?

ThinkProgress reminds that:

  • The $400 million in humanitarian aid Obama promised is for Gaza and the West Bank.
  • The money will be distributed through NGOs and the United Nations, as has been U.S. procedure for years (see below).
  • George W. Bush funded humanitarian operations in Gaza, even after Hamas won an election and took control in 2006.
  • U.S. aid to Israel easily dwarfs that to the Palestinian territories -- $2.7 billion budgeted this year, $2.85 billion in FY 2011.

Here's the video: