Michele Bachmann fact-checked by Newsweek tweeter

Newsweek's Andrew Romano is following Rep. Michele Bachmann around District 6 today as she hosts campaign stops she's calling "jobs forums," and for two days afterward. He's tweeting as he goes:

"And so it begins - w/ a 6am flight. For the next 3 days I'll be following #MicheleBachmann and tweeting the story in real time. Stay tuned!"

And he gets his head around her national v. local reputation among her supporters:

"At MB forum, St. Cloud. You know her from TV, but this is the duller reality: a half-full hotel ballroom, nodding as local biz owners speak."

Who are those supporters?

"The 6th is largely exurban, solidly religious and slightly richer than average for MN. So less govt, lower taxes and trad values are key."

"Bachmann hits those marks. Whats more, she's not a FOX firebrand in person. Shes petite, polite, neighborly. And that's her electoral secret."

Then he manages to rebut Bachmann's rhetoric in 140 characters or less:

"Bachmann asks "Why did the govt bailout GM but not Ford?" Well, because, Ford didn't need--or want--a bailout. ...

"MB intros sidekick Bill Beach of the "independent" Heritage Foundation. Geez. Even Heritage calls itself conservative." ...

"#Bachmann "Nothing like being armed w/ knowledge so we can make the best possible decisions" #irony?"

Sound like he's catching on. But Romano's in for a long haul. The last stop on the single-day campaign blitz is in Hugo, from 7-8:30 p.m. If he survives that, it sounds like he's going to spend two days on the Bachmann California paranoia road trip.

We'll be updating this page. Check back. You can also follow the Newsweeker's tweets here.

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