Michele Bachmann explains why all the single ladies should vote for Mitt Romney [VIDEOS]

Michele's job at the RNC was to try and sell Romney-Ryan to the fairer sex.
Michele's job at the RNC was to try and sell Romney-Ryan to the fairer sex.

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Ladies, Michele Bachmann wants you to know that you're best off voting for Mitt Romney this November because... he'll make gas cheaper?

Strange as that may sound, it's Michele Bachmann's party and she can use her own brand of logic if she wants to.

During this week's RNC, Michele has used her face time on the major cable news networks to make a case that crazy "legitimate rape" and "forcible rape" talk aside, women will actually be better off with Mittens and Ann Romney in the White House.

She faces an uphill battle. Polling last month showed that single ladies prefer Obama to Romney by a whopping 60 to 31 margin. A new poll released just yesterday shows Obama with a 52 to 36 lead among all likely-to-vote women.

But Michele is doing her best to close that gap. During a Fox News appearance from the RNC in Tampa, she was asked, "Is there a gender gap [between Obama and Romney]?" Here's a transcript of what she said, followed by the footage.

Well the gender gap really is with Barack Obama, because Mitt Romney wins with men as you said and also with married women. He, Barack Obama had an advantage with single women, but I think again people -- what single women want more than anything is security, and they want to have also a job, and I don't think we should be pandering because women are very capable, competent, intelligent, people.

Single women want security more than anything? Michele obviously hasn't met any of the ladies I've dated over the years.

During an impromptu floor interview with CNN Piers Morgan, Bachmann went further in depth:

Morgan: Now you've been saying this week that Barack Obama is more anti-women than Mitt Romney. Do you actually mean that?

Bachmann: Well I think Mitt Romney is going to be the one who allows more financial security for more women, and I mean clearly he is a guy who knows what he's talking about. He's been very successful. Ann Romney gave a boffo speech last night and I think she would do very well for American women, all women.

Morgan: But if he's so much more popular with women than Barack Obama, why do all the polls say that Barack Obama is a lot more popular with women than Mitt Romney?

Bachmann: You've got to disaggregate the data. Because if you look at it, married women tend to support Mitt Romney more, single women tend to support Barack Obama more. But again, single women are going to do a lot better under an Obama administration [Freudian slip?], because they'll pay half the price for gasoline if Mitt Romney is president, because gasoline has more than doubled under Barack Obama, and we have a very aggressive energy plan from Mitt Romney, and when women go to fill up their car and they're paying double for gasoline, that's not helping any women. The same with the skyrocketing price of groceries and health care. Mitt Romney is going to make life a lot more affordable, he's going to bring prices down and that's very good for women, because women do a lot of the shopping in families.

Here's the footage (transcribed remarks begin at 1:20):

Maybe she's on to something. After all, who needs equal pay, access to birth control, abortion rights, or cheap health care when you've got cheap gas? Republicans clearly understand what ladies' priorities are!

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