Michele Bachmann dumbstruck by 8-year-old's comment: 'My mommy's gay, but she doesn't need any fixing'

Michele Bachmann must be getting sick of kids trying to challenge her political ideology.

Last May it was Amy Myers, the high school girl from New Jersey who wanted to debate Bachmann.

Now we have Elijah, an 8-year-old boy from South Carolina, who, at a recent signing for Bachmann's new book, had a message for the presidential candidate regarding her stance on homosexuality.

"Ms. Bachmann, my mommy's gay, but she doesn't need any fixing," he says coyly, leaving Bachmann uncomfortably speechless.

Elijah's mom posted footage of the spectacle to Youtube Sunday, explaining that they were participating in the Occupy Myrtle Beach protest when they noticed the Bachmann event. She also calls her 8-year-old son an "activist."

"Video of Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op in with my 8 year old son," writes Elijah's mom under the video. "It's hard to hear but he leans in and tells her that his mom is gay and she doesn't need fixing. GO ELIJAH! Love that look of shock she gets."

To be fair to Bachmann, it doesn't look like she was soliciting a photo with Elijah. The video appears to begin with Elijah and a woman -- his mom, presumably -- waiting in line to talk to the candidate.

"And what's your name?" Bachmann asks as they reach the signing table. "It's really good to meet you, bud."

"Do you have something you'd like to say?" the woman standing with Elijah says.

Bachmann enthusiastically leans over the table to hear Elijah, and he mumbles something inaudible.

"You can say it louder, go ahead," says the woman.

At this point, the young activist is looking pretty uncomfortable himself.

"You said it, but you know, I think my ears were too far away," says Bachmann, grabbing Elijah by the shoulders and pulling him in. "Wanna come a little closer?"

His mouth now just inches from her ear, Elijah tells her that his mom is gay, and that's just fine.

The look on Bachmann's face makes it pretty clear that she got the message this time. She slowly eases back to her side of the table, looks briefly at the woman standing with Elijah, and then dismisses them both with a quiet, "Bye Bye."

Watch the full video here:

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