Michele Bachmann distances herself from Pat Robertson's comments on Haiti


A few days ago we wondered aloud if Michele Bachmann would smack down Pat Robertson after the geriatric megapreacher blamed the recent Haitian earthquake on a supposed 18th-century pact with the Lord of Flies.

Turns out even the Minnesota State Fuzzball won't back Robertson's play, despite their shared convictions that Jesus cares deeply about 1) the Republican party and 2) what gay people do in the bedroom. Her flack, David Dziok, spoke to MinnPost yesterday:

"She does not share Mr. Robertson's views on Haiti," Dziok said, "And it's absolutely pathetic and despicable for the Democrats to politicize this awful tragedy."

Sure, it's the Democrats politicizing the tragedy. Not the man who suggested Dover, Pa., might face God's wrath in the form of a natural disaster after the town booted their creationist school board.

We have to wonder how Robertson will take Bachmann's snub after he gave her a chance to spout the crazy unchallenged on his show last week (and called her "a star" and "a wonder"):

Perhaps next Robertson will warn Bachmann that she'd better watch out crossing the street?

(via MinIndy and Minnpost)