Michele Bachmann: Dems (continue to) pile it on

Unless you’ve been preoccupied stocking up on canned goods and ammunition the past week, you’re no doubt cognizant of Michele Bachmann’s (R-Jesusland) recent woes after the Smiler verbally shat herself on Hardball last week. Out-of-state donors responded by dumping 800,000 bones into unassuming hobbit Elwyn Tinklenberg’s coffers. In addition, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced it would splurge more than $1 million in advertisements against the bleeding incumbent.

This afternoon, Ragin’ Cajun Democratic pundit James Carville sent out a rebel yell crying for more, more, more from national Dems.

From his letter:

Today, I am asking you to help us raise $500,000 more to help support our Democratic challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg and others.

If we don't act now, Republicans will keep throwing money at these candidates, and people like Michele Bachmann will keep pushing this new brand McCarthyism.

Make a "Clean House" contribution right now. Support candidates who are committed to moving America forward.

A DCCC poll released last week Thursday showed Bachmann’s lead has whittled away to four points (42 percent vs. 38 percent) with 15 percent still undecided. The poll came before Colin Powell’s censure of Bachman—on Sunday, he called her verbiage “nonsense”—so expect that gap to continue to shrink.

To be perfectly honest, we’d be a little sad to see Bachmann go. Sure, her voting record is an affront to logic and decency, but her in(s)ane blurtings-out have been invaluable in discrediting the ultra-right wing of the GOP the past two years. Gal’s a walking, talking satire of kneejerk asininity. Join us in voting Bachmann!

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