Michele Bachmann delivers anti-abortion message to thousands in St. Paul


She's baaaack!

Nearly three weeks after dropping out of the presidential race, Michele Bachmann made her first public appearance since her campaign went the way of the Costa Concordia, delivering a message aimed at all women who believe they have a right to control what happens inside their bodies.

During yesterday's annual Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life's March for Life at the Capitol, Bachmann told thousands of people that "next year we will gather in a day of celebration when we have finally ended abortion in this all important election."

The crowd was gathered to mark the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision. And in Bachmann's dream world, there won't be a 40th. She told the crowd she believes the decision should be repealed within the next year, though she of course didn't specify how that could happen.

She told the crowd she introduced a bill to stop President Obama's health care law partly because it uses taxpayer money to fund abortions.

Abortion, of course, has been one of Bachmann's longtime crusades. In October, she introduced a bill that would require pregnant women to get an ultrasound and view the images before they're allowed to receive an abortion. Health care providers would also be required to describe any cardiac activity they observe in the ultrasound. That bill still hasn't made it out of committee.

According to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the number of abortions in the state has steadily declined from a peak of 19,000 in 1979. In 2010, the last year for which numbers are available, there were under 12,000 abortions performed in Minnesota, the fewest since 1975.

But for Bachmann and other staunch pro-lifers, even one abortion it too many. She told the Capitol crowd that "we will never forget those little ones taken from us."

Following the rally, Planned Parenthood issued a statement that says the organization "does more in one day to prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion than the protesters at the Capitol today do in a lifetime."

"Ninety-five percent of what we do in Minnesota is life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, prevention and treatment of STIs, pap tests, breast health services, and health education," the organization said.

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