Michele Bachmann defends "gangster" line to Geraldo Rivera (Video)

Michele Bachmann has found a suitably attention-grabbing moniker for the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House: "Gangster government." And at various points in the past few weeks, she's drawn fire from the likes of everyone from Bill Clinton to Betty McCollum as a result.

What constitutes gangster government? Sharp-dressed guys in fast cars packin' heat? Rappers scowling into the lens of a TV camera? Well, no. Gangster government, according to Bachmann in appearance over the weekend on Geraldo Rivera's Fox News show, is when the government bails out U.S. automakers.

Well, at least they're gangsters with a jobs program. Both GM and Chrysler are showing clear signs of a turnaround as year after taxpayers saved them from ruin, and U.S. automakers added 45,000 new jobs in the past nine months.

Here's the Geraldo clip:

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