Michele Bachmann defends "gangster" line to Geraldo Rivera (Video)

Beware of gangsters bent on saving the auto industry

Beware of gangsters bent on saving the auto industry

Michele Bachmann has found a suitably attention-grabbing moniker for the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House: "Gangster government." And at various points in the past few weeks, she's drawn fire from the likes of everyone from Bill Clinton to Betty McCollum as a result.

What constitutes gangster government? Sharp-dressed guys in fast cars packin' heat? Rappers scowling into the lens of a TV camera? Well, no. Gangster government, according to Bachmann in appearance over the weekend on Geraldo Rivera's Fox News show, is when the government bails out U.S. automakers.

Well, at least they're gangsters with a jobs program. Both GM and Chrysler are showing clear signs of a turnaround as year after taxpayers saved them from ruin, and U.S. automakers added 45,000 new jobs in the past nine months.

Here's the Geraldo clip: